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Many DEC serial numbers begin with a two or three letter code. this code corresponds to the DEC facility where the item was manufactured.

Code Facility
AB[1] ABO Albuquerque, NM
AK AKO[1] Acton Nagog Park, MA
AY[1] AYO Ayr Scotland
BK[2] BKO Germany
CA[3] CAO Misato, Japan
CRL[1] Cambridge Research Labs, MA
CX[1] CXO Colorado Springs, CO
DY[1] DYO Dayton, OH
GA[1] GAO Galway, Ireland
HK[4] HKO Hong Kong
HL[1] HLO Hudson, MA
HM[1] HMO (unknown), Ireland
HY[3] HYO (unknown), Japan
IQ[2] IQO (unknown)
KA[1] KAO Kanata Ontario
KB[1] KBO Kaufbeuren Germany
KL[1] KLO Clonmel, Ireland
LKG[1] Littleton (King Street), MA
ML[1] MLO Maynard (The Mill), MA
MR[1] MRO Marlborough, MA
NI[1] NIO Salem, NH
OG OGO[1] Stow, MA
PC[3] PCO Irvine, Scotland
PY[3] PYO (unknown)
SHR[1] Shrewsbury, MA
TA[1] TAO Tachi, Taoyuan, Taiwan
TY[3] TYO (unknown), Japan
WF[2] WFO Westfield, MA
WM[1] WMO Westminster, MA
ZK[1] ZKO Nashua, NH
ZS[1] ZSO Bellevue (DECwest), WA

For Alpha computer systems, the format used is SSYWWNNNNN, where SS is a two-character site code for the DEC manufacturing facility, Y is the year (Alpha starts at 5, for 1995), WW providing a two-digit week within the year from 01 to 52, and a sequential number.[1]

For example, my AlphaServer ES40 has a serial number of AY93015765. This decodes as follows:

Facility AY Ayr Scotland
Year 9 1999
Week 30 18-24 July
Number 15765
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